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Dashboards being an blank slate Henrik Sedin Jersey , allows you to do so in a prompt and efficient manner. This enhanced capability allowed us to build multiple out of the box categories matching the multiple persona of users in an IT companies. This resulted in a set of out-of-the-box dashboards which will help gives you a jump start into running product operations from Day 1. These vRealize dashboards are battle tested in large IT companies and now are a part of VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.6.
It was very important that all this valuable IP add was easily accessible through a centralized console which acts as an anchor for user of VMware vRealize Operations Manager. In order to instate this, we introuduced a “Getting Started” vRealize dashboard which would step you through some useful range and use cases.
The Operations category is most appropriate for roles within an companies who require a summary of important data points to take quickly decisions. This could be a part of a NOC team who wants to quickly identify problems and take actions Daniel Sedin Jersey , or executives who want a prompt overview of their environments to keep a track of fateful KPIs.
Let us look at each of these vRealize dashboard and I will give a summary of what these dashboards can do for you along with a quick view of the VMware vRealize dashboard.

vRealize Datastore Usage Overview
The Datastore Usage Dashboard is fit for a NOC environment. The vRealize dashboard provides a machine is represented by a box on the heatmap.
Along with the storage requirement, the color of the boxes represents the latency experienced by these VMs from the main storage. A NOC administrator can choose the other steps in his investigation to search the root cause of this latency and resolve it to avoid potential performance problems.

Host Usage Overview
The Host Usage Dashboard is good for a NOC atmosphere. The dashboard provides a prompt glimpse of all the hosts in your infrastructure using a heatmap. Using this dashboard the NOC administrator can quickly search resource bottlenecks in your infrastructure created due to high Memory Consumption Brock Boeser Jersey , Memory Demand or CPU Demand.
Since the ESXI hosts in the heatmap are grouped by clusters, you can easily search out if you have clusters with high Memory or CPU Load. It can also help you to recognize if you have hosts with the clusters which are not evenly used and hence an admin can trigger activities such as enable DRS or workload balance to ensure that hotspots are eliminated.
Operations Overview
The Operations Overview dashboard gives a high level view of objects which make up you virtual atmosphere. It provides you an aggregate view of VM growth trends across your various datacenters being monitored by VMware vRealize Operations Manager.
The vRealized dashboard also gives a list of all your datacenters along with inventory information about how many hosts  Vancouver Canucks Jersey ,virtual machines and cluster you are running in each of your company datacenters. By selecting a special datacenter you can zoom into the areas of performance and availability. The dashboard provides a trend of known problems in each of your company datacenters based on the alerts.
Along with the overall health of your infrastructure, the dashboard also let you to zoom in at the VM level and list out the top 16 virtual machines in the selected datacenter which might be scrambling for resources.
vSAN Operations Overview
The vSAN Operations Overview Dashboard gives an aggregated view of performance and health of your VMware vSAN clusters. While you can get a holistic view of your virtual SAN environment and what components make up that environment John Tavares Jersey , you can also view the growth trend of VMs which are being served by virtual SAN.
The goal of this vRealized dashboard is to help understand the performance and utilization patterns for each of your virtual SAN clusters by simply choosing one from the provided list. Virtual SAN properties such as Dedupe, Hybrid or All Flash & Compression or a Stretched virtual SAN cluster can be readily tracked through this vRealized dashboard.

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