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AAC blocks are used for buildings because of high insulation capacity and several other benefits. Since its inception Jared Cook Jersey , it has proved to be highly essential in construction work. AAC blocks are used for buildings because of high insulation capacity and several other benefits. Since its inception, it has proved to be highly essential in construction work.

Invented by a Sweden’s architect, Johan Axel Eriksson, in the mid-1920s, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC is also known as autoclaved light-weight concrete (ACL), porous concrete Derek Carr Jersey , autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC), and autoclaved concrete. It is a building material, light in weight and calcified beforehand in a factory. It is used for insulation and construction and is fire and mould resistant. Floors panels, blocks, wall and roof panels, etc. can be made using AAC.

It is a concrete based material Nick Nelson Jersey , highly insulating, used for internal as well as external construction work. Other than insulation as one of AAC’s advantages, it is easier and faster to install because it is light, can be cut, resized, and routed with the help of standard carbon steel power tools.

Depending on national building codes Arden Key Jersey , about only ½ inch thin bed of mortar is used in building constructed using ACC. To protect the AAC from elements, it is coated with a plaster compound or sliding material like vinyl.

Advantages of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

ACC has significant advantages over other construction substances. It’s not been used for the last 70 years for nothing. One of the foremost advantages of AAC is that it is environment friendly. It keeps the buildings cool; keeps them from overheating because of its high thermal conducting capacity. It is equipped with superior fire resistance as of its porous formation. Very little solid waste is produced when it is cut, which makes it more feasible to work with. In all phases of its life cycle, AAC makes least impact on the environment as of its resource efficiency. Because it weighs light, it saves transportation expense and energy. Its light weight also saves a lot of labour expense. During earthquakes, AAC tends to save lives as there are more chances of survival due to its light weight. AAC blocks are light and bigger in size which translates into faster construction work.

History of AAC

AAC material was developed in the mid-1920s by an architect named Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson. Since it went into production for the first time in 1929 in Sweden Brandon Parker Jersey , it became largely popular. In 1940s it came to be known as “blue concrete” under the brand name Ytong, for its bluish coloration. Another brand Siporex in Bosnia used another element to make it. Ytong later got hold of Siporex and today it produces AAC under the name of Siporex in Bosnia. However, because of uranium content in it, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in 1972 highlighted the dysfunctional aspect. Soon after, the production of AAC was altered. 1975 onwards Ytong produced AAC using raw material excluding the uranium content.

Today, there is more demand of AAC in Asia than in Europe Johnny Townsend Jersey , due to the fast growing industrialization, and need for commercial and housing space. Production of <"http:www.anjaliventuresltdAutoclaved_Areated_Concrete">Autoclaved Aerated Concretein Europe may have slowed down gradually but it’s extensively used in Asian countries like China and India, middle-east and central Asia.

The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been formally told that she faces a possible trial over alleged misuse of public funds, the justice ministry said on Friday.

"The attorney general has informed the counsel of Mrs Sara Netanyahu, wife of the prime minister, that he is considering putting her on trial P.J. Hall Jersey , over her part in the 'catering affair'," it said in a statement.

It refers to allegations that she and an aide falsely declared that there were no cooks available at the prime minister's official government residence in Jerusalem and they ordered from outside caterers at public expense.

"In this way, hundreds of meals from restaurants and chefs were fraudulently obtained from chefs and restaurants at a cost of 359,000 shekels (US$102,000)," the statement said.

"For this reason the attorney general is considering putting Mrs. Netanyahu on trial for the offences of obtaining a benefit by fraud under aggravated circumstances Kolton Miller Jersey , and (other) offences of fraud and breach of trust."

It added that Sara Netanyahu would be able to argue her case in front of Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit at a hearing before he makes a final decision on whether to press charges.

"The decision will be taken after the attorney general examines the evidence in the file and hears the positions of the relevant parties and the recommendations of the state prosecutor and the Jerusalem district prosecutor's office," the statement said.

A statement from Sara Netanyahu's lawyers, posted on the premier's Facebook page, said that six other affairs of alleged corruption involving her were investigated by Mandelblit but did not lead to charges.

The lawyers also claimed that it was Meni Naftali, Netanyahu's former housekeeper, who had ordered the food - not Sara Netanyahu.

"During Naftali's term as housekeeper the average monthly expenditure on take-away food was five times more than in the four years after he left Wholesale Oakland Raiders Jerseys ," the lawyers said.


"Who ate or took that huge quantity of food, which could feed an entire football team? Surely not the Netanyahus," the statement said.

Naftali, who initially made public the claims of misconduct at the premier's residence, is one of the forces behind a weekly demonstration protesting public corruption.

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