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CNG is a substitute for fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel that is quickly growing in popularity. What makes it popular is that it falls under the category of alternative fuel solutions because it is more environmentally friendly by producing fewer greenhouse gases. Natural Gas has been used to fuel our households for many years but has yet to achieve standard use as a fuel for vehicles. CNG mainly consists of compressed methane gas Andre Iguodala Jersey , where the gas is compressed to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. The United States is a leader in most cases, though worldwide, Pakistan has the highest number of vehicles running on CNG , with over 3600 CNG refueling stations. In vehicles, CNG can be used as the main or dedicated fuel source or as part of a bi-fuel system burning one fuel at a time. Manufacturers such as Fiat, Toyota Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys , General Motors and Volkswagen currently sell bi-fuel vehicles. These engines can run on either gasoline from a tank or CNG from a separate high pressure cylinder. The driver selects which fuel to use by a flip of the switch on the dashboard.


Because CNG burns up to four times cleaner than gasoline emitting far less Greenhouse [GHGs] gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, CNG vehicles have lower maintenance costs and offer a longer service life. Fleet operators have said reported reduced maintenance costs by 40% by converting their vehicles to CNG. CNG has a higher octane rating which, when used at a very high compression ratio in certain vehicles … rs-jersey/ , will yield more power than a stock gasoline version. Natural Gas Vehicles [NGVs] experience less knocking and have superior starting and drivability. Another obvious benefit of natural gas is that it is 15%-50% cheaper per equivalent gallon than gasoline. Unlike fuels that are used in liquid form, in the event of a leak the gas which is lighter than air will dissipate into the air and avoid any possible chance of ignition or explosion.


While it鈥檚 tempting to think of the reduced maintenance costs, the initial investment of incorporating CNG into your vehicle is quite costly. Converting vehicles to CNG systems ranges from $3000-$6000 … rs-jersey/ , depending on the type of vehicle. Those vehicles containing CNG systems require a greater amount of space for fuel storage resulting in less storage space available in a trunk of a car or the bed of a pick up truck. Also, possibly the greatest disadvantage is that CNG filling stations have limited availability that so this type of conversion proves to be more practical for those people living in areas with easy access to the stations.

Canada is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the world and so with this abundance; it makes it a very viable resource and an economic option for motor fuel. Like any other investment, a decision to convert to CNG should be based on solid information and a desire to sustain a healthy environment.

How to Get an Alternative Fuel System Installed

Green Alternative Systems provides CNG … rs-jersey/ , bi-fuel and LPG fuel systems to transportation industries in the United States. All of their alternative fuel options are installed by certified and trained technicians. For more information on Green Alternative Systems and their products visit, Greenalternativesystems.
Green Alternative Systems was established in 2010 to help facilitate a high demand for conversion capabilities in the fuel industry. It was founded with a dedication to installing Compressed Natural Gas for Propane fuel conversions. For more information, please visit www.greenalternativesystems.

For VIP protection in the Middle East … rs-jersey/ , security personnel must be able to adapt their tactics constantly in order to counter the threat of terrorism. Active protection convoys require day and night vision cameras that can offer optimal detection of threats such as a snipers and roadside bombs. One solution that has recently entered the marketing is active long-range night vision camera products. These range-gated cameras will collect a strong reflection from any optics in the camera’s viewing field. And the laser light used by active range gated cameras is reflected back by the optic, thus providing superior visibility for both daytime and night security applications. For those searching for an industry-leading manufacturer of cutting edge night vision camera products, look no further than the team at Obzerv Technologies.

Obzerv Technologies Inc. is a specialized pioneer within the field of night vision product design and manufacturing. The company works with security organizations around the world to ensure that their security personnel are provided with the most accurate long-distance identification technology available on the market today. The company’s long-range night vision camera solutions are known to provide supreme clarity of vision in a broad range of environment conditions where other solutions simply couldn’t live up to the task. One such example of the applications for their products is in military operations whereby enemies must be distinguished from friendlies and neutral parties. These solutions provide military personnel with a superior magnification for both nighttime and daytime activities.

Consider for example the company’s ARGC 2400 solution … rs-jersey/ , which can be utilized for a broad range of military and counter-terrorism activities. This solution utilizes a unique patent pending laser source which provides unprecedented levels of power and uniformity of light required for high resolution image quality over long distances. For military activities this product is especially useful as it can help command leaders to identify subjects through materials such as glass to provide clear vision through objects such as car, helicopter and plane windshields. This helps to minimize the loss of innocent life and provide real-time.



2018-09-01 08:42:03



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