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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of trampoline gymnastics women's final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Friday:

1. Rosannagh Maclennan, Canada, 56.465

2. Bryony Page, Britain, 56.040

3. Li Dan, China, 55.885

4. He Wenna, China, 55.570

5. Tatsiana Piatrenia, Belarus, 54.650

6. Katherine Driscoll, Britain, 53.645

7. Luba Golovina, Georgia, 51.010

8. Hanna Harchonak, Belarus, 5.700

" If you are interested in visiting historical places Women's A'Shawn Robinson Jersey , the most ideal place is the city of Burgos in Spain. This city is located in the northern part of Spain and has numerous monumental buildings which are of historical importance. Tour operators are of the opinion that it would take at least four to five days to visit all these places. One of the important monumental buildings which should never be missed is the Burgos Cathedral. Now let us visit this spectacular cathedral.

The imposing huge structure of Burgos Cathedral was built using typical Gothic architecture. According to historical records, the work of construction of the cathedral started in the year 1221. Historical records also reveal that spires to the fa锟絘de, the Chapel of the Constable and a few other portions of the cathedral were built in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Now we are entering Burgos Cathedral from the western side. As we enter we now see that the cathedral has three entrances and each of these entrances has three-dimensional arches. You can also see that each of these entrances has towers with spires. Now we see the huge gallery and the intricately carved rose window. The fa锟絘de of the cathedral has three segments Women's Michael Roberts Jersey , two of which are in a lateral shape and the third in a square design. There are two huge windows, each of which has double arches. The pedestal above which these windows are placed has a message in the Spanish language which, when translated Women's Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey , means 锟紹eautiful art Thou, and graceful锟? The statue of the Virgin Mary is in the center of this slogan, symbolizing the blessing from the Virgin Mary.

This is the cloister which is believed to have been added in the 14th century. During this period many chapels and the archiepiscopal palace were also added to the cathedral. Near the window beautiful statues of the twelve apostles have been installed. On the southern portal we see the beautiful image of evangelists writing at their desks.

Burgos Cathedral contains a large number of beautiful paintings and other magnificent works of art. Inside the cathedral visitors can see some of the rarest works of paintings. Many of the superior works of sculpture can be seen both inside and outside the cathedral. The tower and the walls outside the Cathedral have many of these splendid sculptures.

The spires which are steep in shape are believed to have been added in the 15th century. The chapel of Saint Thecla was renovated in the 18th century.

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Carbon fiber texture is frequently thought to be a standout amongst the most noteworthy developments of the twentieth century. Any fabricated thing that requires being to a great degree solid and lightweight in the meantime Women's Kenny Golladay Jersey , most likely makes utilization of it. Actually, it is strong to the point that it effortlessly surpasses the greatest quality of even the most grounded metals like titanium and steel. Carbon fiber is another assortment of super solid material that is likewise lightweight. It is five times as solid as steel and two times as firm, yet it just weighs around 66% less. Carbon fiber wallet manufacturers are quite recently thin strands of carbon Women's Teez Tabor Jersey , considerably more slender than human hair. These strands can be plaited or contorted together simply like yarn.

What is Carbon Fiber Fabric?

It is gotten from a great many strands of carbon fiber. For assembling, a great many carbon particles are reinforced together in gems that are pretty much adjusted parallel to the long pivot of the fiber as the gem arrangement gives the fiber high quality to-volume proportion at last making it to a great degree solid. The packs of these filaments are then consolidated together to shape a tow, which in additionally woven into a texture. This is then given particular shapes by embellishment them with the utilization of epoxy sap alongside other confining materials like aluminium and polymers.

Sorts of Carbon Fiber Fabric

Diverse sorts of items require distinctive levels of fiber quality and relying on these necessities Women's Jarrad Davis Jersey , the correct sort of it is utilized. There are basically three classes: High Modulus (Aerospace Grade), Intermediate Modulus and Standard Modulus (Commercial Grade). The most ordinarily created between the three is the business review fiber, which is thought to be adequately solid for use in most ordinary articles.

Utilizations and uses of Carbon Fiber Fabric

Due to its lightweight and outrageous quality Women's Kerryon Johnson Jersey , it has been utilized as a part of thousands of items that require being exceptionally strong. From the outsides of rockets and satellites to a basic item like a portable workstation case, it is utilized ordinarily in the fabricate of endless number of items. Actually, a great deal of present day makers have officially made utilization of it on items that were fabricated by the utilization of metals like steel and titanium previously. From sports things like tennis racquets to car outsides and bike outlines Women's Frank Ragnow Jersey , the utilization of carbon fiber bicycle frame is currently broader than any other time in recent memory.

Future of the Carbon Fiber Fabric

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