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Famous insurance programs known as the social security is funded mainly of payrolls identified as the FICA or Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax. The federal statute declares that the unemployed, the poor, and the disabled will be given support through the SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Tax deposits or tax revenues and allotted money funds the social security benefits to qualified people that need financial help for them to meet their necessities like shelter, food, and clothing.

By presenting the following, the individuals will prove that they are eligible to get the SSI benefits:

路 Aged 65 or above … erg-jersey , disabled, or blind

路 Legally lives in any state of the US, or a child of permanently assigned military parents outside of US

路 Student temporarily abroad

路 Limited resources and income

路 Applying for benefits

There is a huge difference on what social security is providing than a normal insurance plan. It supplements and provides money for the unemployed, the disabled, and the retirees. Remember these important points from the social security benefits as the best plan for investment:

1. Acts as Insurance and Protection-hundred fifty million employees, including their families … vin-jersey , are aided by a social security through insurance help. The benefits provided are close to 47 million people of any age, including the children of retired, disabled, and deceased workers.

2. Benefits are Lifetime-the benefits are lifetime even if there is an existing inflation. This means that retirees are paid all throughout their retirement days and will adjust as the prices change.

3. Security and Protection-the benefits are secured and calculated and acts as a good protection of retirees against disability and fatality.

4. Progressive Security-workers who are earning low incomes are provided with this security. Benefit formulas are formulated to support the workers who produced little income from their careers.

5. Income Source-these benefits have been the source of money for 90% of American retirees that are 65 years old or older.

6. Benefits Women-because the initial plan is overwhelmed, the SSI have further provided assistance for women. At present, about 25 million women are beneficiaries of the SSI.

7. Critical Income Source-benefits in the form of income are also provided to minorities such as Hispanics and African American who are generally low earners. These low earning workers … ies-jersey , with their families, are given with higher benefits.

8. Retirement Security of Workers-one purpose of a social security is to give the worker and his family the basic protection during retirement. The important components of retirement benefits programs are pensions and savings.

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