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Natural Treatments: Several research implies

BEIJING Marcus Foligno Salute to Service Jersey , Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Traditional powerhouse Jiangsu edged Beijing 124-122 on the road to extend the winning streak to five games in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league on Sunday.

Jiangsu started the game well thanks to the scoring from Marshon Brooks and local center Li Yuanyu.

The visitors carried a lead of 13 points into the last period, only to see Beijing cut it to four with less than one minute left. However, the Jiangsu cagers were strong from the freethrow line to secure the victory.

Guard Brooks had a game-best 39 points and Miroslav Radulica added 23 points and eight rebounds for Jiangsu, while Beijing Aaron Jackson made 25 points and Zhai Xiaochuan had 26 points, nine rebounds and seven assists.

Another title-contender Liaoning harvested an easy victory by overwhelming Sichuan 123-91. Sichuan, who won the CBA title in 2016, swallowed the 12th straight loss.

Jiangsu moved up to the second place on the rankings Jason Zucker Salute to Service Jersey , while Liaoning stood on the third.

In the Guangdong derby, Guangdong outscored Shenzhen 126-111. Former NBA forward Yi Jianlian had 24 points and 16 rebounds.

In other games on Sunday, Shanxi defeated Shandong 128-114, Guangzhou edged Shanghai 118-114, Qingdao breezed past Tianjin 126-111.

IT is estimated that there are about 1.4 million people surnamed Ge in China, making it the 126th most common name in the country.

There are two early branches of Ge families originated from the primitive age. An offspring of the Yellow Emperor was granted the land of Ge, and thus taking it as his family name.

There was also a tribe named Ge in ancient times Joel Eriksson Ek Salute to Service Jersey , the descendants of which also surnamed themselves Ge.

Then, there have been minorities shifting their surnames into Ge throughout Chinese history. A branch of Xianbei was recorded to rename themselves Ge in the rein of Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). And there are also Ges in minorities like E-lun, Manchu, Mongolian, Yugu and Tujia, the source of which cannot be traced.

The Ge family is thought to have originated primarily in Henan Province.

Traces were found in Sichuan Province by Western Zhou Dynasty (c.11th century-770 BC), and Anhui Province by Qin Dynasty (221-206BC). Frequent wars after Tang Dynasty (618-907) saw a great number of Ges migrating southwards. Today Zach Parise Salute to Service Jersey , there are Ge families in most regions in China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang having the most Ges.

One renowned Ge is Taoist Ge Xuan in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), credited as one of the four great Taoist masters in China. One of his offspring Ge Hong in Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) also had great Taoist renown. His book “Baopu Zi” was cherished as a Taoist classic.

HOUSTON, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- New Orleans, the largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana, has been on a slow rebuilding road 10 years since Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005.

U.S. President Barack Obama, who visited the city on Thursday Mikko Koivu Salute to Service Jersey , blamed the government for the slow recovery.

"What started out as a natural disaster became a man-made disaster -- a failure of government to look out for its own citizens," Obama criticized during a speech in the Lower Ninth Ward of the city, an area that was hard hit in Katrina.

According to the president, almost 40 percent of children still live in poverty in the city, and more than 100,000 African-Americans fled New Orleans following Katrina, never returned.

"Our work here won't be done Mike Reilly Salute to Service Jersey ," he said, "that's not a finished job. That's not a full recovery. There's still too many people who haven't been able to come back home."

Obama mentioned the structural inequities that stood long before the start of the storm, naming poverty, crime, a lack of affordable housing and disparities between white and black residents as inequities that appear to loom largest.

"New Orleans had long been plagued by structural inequality that left too many people, especially poor people, especially people of color Authentic Tyler Ennis Jersey , without good jobs or affordable health care or decent housing," he said.

"Too many kids grew up surrounded by violent crime, cycling through substandard schools where few had a shot to break out of poverty," Obama said.

On Aug. 29, 2005, Katrina caused major damage to the Mexico Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Nearly 2,000 people died Authentic Jared Spurgeon Jersey , mostly in New Orleans, with another 1 million displaced.

The government led by then U.S. President George W. Bush was widely criticized for mismanagement and lack of preparation in the relief effort in response to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Specifically, there was a delayed response to the flooding of New Orleans.

Then New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was also criticized for failing to implement his evacuation plan and for ordering residents to a shelter of last resort without any provision for food, water, security, or sanitary conditions.

A decade later, the slow rebuilding of the city has once again triggered sharp criticism even from the country's president Authentic Devan Dubnyk Jersey , which is a clear sign that the city still has a long way to go for fully recovery.

The federal, state and city agencies were widely seen doing far too little to help the stranded and displaced, and doing it much too slowly.

It was reported that just more than 50 percent of the neighborhood's housing units are now occupied, and the population in 2010 was just more than 2,000 -- 80 percent smaller than before Katrina.

The average household income stands at 33,557 U.S. dollars per year -- 4,000 U.S. dollars less than it was in 2000 Authentic Kyle Quincey Jersey , five years before the disaster. Nearly one-third of the population lives below the poverty line, more than twice the national average.

Marc Morial, a New Orleans native who served as the city's mayor before becoming the president of the National Urban League, echoed Obama's opinion, say.



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