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There are companies in most towns

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Welcome back to this three-part article series on your frequently asked questions about orthodontics. Let’s jump straight back into answering those pressing questions, shall we?

FAQ: Can adults benefit from orthodontic treatment? Or is it reserved for younger people whose jawbones are still developing?

An Orthodontist in Silver Spring MD Answers: Orthodontic treatment can be done to benefit patients of just about any age. Approximately a quarter of all the patients treated for various orthodontic problems are adults Craig Anderson Jersey , so a beautiful and healthy smile is within easy reach!

FAQ: How does orthodontic treatment work?

Answer: It really depends on what condition you’re having treated and just how severe that condition is. Many Silver Spring residents’ dental problems can be successfully treated with braces, in which case, it really is a waiting game. Braces consist of brackets, which are cemented to the outer surface of each tooth. An archwire is then threaded through the brackets, connecting each tooth to the next one. These wires are tightened, which applies a pressure Ryan Dzingel Jersey , via the bracket, to each tooth and this gently and slowly guides the teeth into better and more favorable positions.

Orthognathic surgery can be done to address the more extreme cases of malocclusion – such as overbites, underbite, crossbites and open bites - or to correct damage done to the oral and maxillofacial area as a result of a bad accident.

FAQ: If I need braces, how long will I have to wear them for?

A Silver Spring Orthodontist Answers: Treatment time varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of malocclusion and tooth orientation. On average, orthodontic patients wear braces for between one and two years Nate Thompson Jersey , sometimes longer. The amount of time it takes for treatment to be considered successful also depends on how well a patient complies. It’s crucial that you keep regular scheduled appointments with your orthodontist and maintain a high standard of oral hygiene to avoid decay and infection.




2018-04-16 02:47:37


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Re: There are companies in most towns

Best essay writing company in your town




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